Our Story


Salam Wood Works is a wood and resin art decor company with an Islamic inspiration. In 2021, Subi Majeed & Imran Virk founded Salam Wood Works as a result of making a long standing dream of their love for art and making handcrafted items come true. Our company began with the idea of and focus on wood art inspired by the traditional Ramadan decor idea. Imran’s creativity and passion for building along with Subi’s creative ideas for interior design have helped design and produce some really artful decor pieces for you, our audience.

Salam Wood Works aims to handcraft expertly created decor pieces that help cater to the beautification of their client’s homes for Ramadan, for kids' nurseries and living spaces year round. Follow us in our journey across our social media as we regularly share product updates and behind the scenes view into the making process!

Subi Majeed

Occupation: wife, mother, sister, high school educator, founder & CEO of my brand/company Salam Wood Works.

In the year 2020, our son Yusuf Imran Virk was born, bringing immense joy for both Imran and I. 

We wanted something decorative and festive for his nursery & I ended up ordering a beautiful wooden carving of his name in Arabic. 

The more I stared at this carving, the more I felt an urge to try my hand at this art. I, as a child had always been artistic & now along with my combination of decoration of our home, I pitched this idea to my husband. His support,  talent & enthusiasm gave way for Salam Wood Works within a year and in 2021, our small business came into existence. 

I focus on finding ideas and designing them while Imran executes my sometimes wild ideas to bring them to life.

So far, we have come a long way from starting with Wood carvings to resin art decor. We now offer elegant, masterful & exquisite designs in wood and resin - ranging from nursery names, Ramadan & Eid carvings to resin coasters, trays & more. We are excited to launch our new website at www.SalamWoodWorks.com to offer our clients the ability to navigate a user-friendly website that will help them to purchase the best design decor for their homes while supporting our small business.

I am a wife and a mother, along with being an educator & I find a burning passion in me alongside these many roles I play, to fulfill my desire to beautify homes with selective, artful & exquisite pieces. I have always wanted to work towards something that would help me navigate my art passion & Alhamdulillah, I have found it in Salam Wood Works. My husband’s hard work and our honesty and integrity helps shape who we are as people to cultivate friendliness & happiness for our clients & our community. We aim to please and share our passion through our commitment towards our clients who buy our products. 

Imran Virk

Occupation: Husband, Father, and an E-Commerce Solutions Architect by day with a passion for building and bringing ideas to life as co-founder of Salam Wood Works.

As a young child, I remember seeing my father come home from work and going into our basement to build a wood shelf for storage. My father, a Master Jeweler by trade, although not a woodworker, had an innate ability to build just about anything. As I grew up, being around my father really instilled in me the same desire to want to work with my hands and make things. I recall sneaking down to the basement to pretend to play with my father’s tools, which was just an exhilarating feeling.

Thankfully, while in middle and high school vocational shop classes were still offered, I immediately enrolled in the wood shop class where we learned the basics of woodworking and the necessary tools. We had 3 projects to make in my first year of shop class:

  • Wall Sconce Candle Holder
  • Frame
  • A small 12 or 18 inch pool table, that had to be fully functional!

Thus began my journey into wanting to be a maker. Shortly after college in my first apartment away from home, I needed a bed frame but could not afford to purchase one. So I made my way to my local Home Depot, purchased lumber, a hand saw, a miter box, some other hand tools and got to building my first piece of furniture! It was far from perfect, but it was pure joy to make!

When Subi showed me the nursery sign she purchased for our son’s bedroom, I knew I could make it myself! So when Subi proposed starting our company, I was all in and super excited. I’m thankful for Subi’s artistic vision in designing products to make so that I can focus on bringing those ideas to life.

We could easily buy mass produced products that wouldn’t be too expensive or too far from the designs Subi has, but we really take pride in the craftsmanship of building all of our products ourselves.

We are so thankful to have you all join us in this journey and we hope you will stay with us as we aim to bring you our line of handcrafted products.
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Below you will find a short video of some of our product highlights.