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Salam Wood Works

Ayatul Kursi Hanging Decoration- Islamic Art - Quran Verse- Verse of Power - Islamic Decor for Home

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Islamic Art - Quran Verse- Verse of Power - Islamic Decor for Home, office, or your car.

Ayatul Kursi Hanging Decoration can be hung in your home, office, or even car.

5 inch round diode shape with golden rope as the hanger.
Made of clear resin with the Ayatul Kursi printed on vinyl then encased in ultra clear resin. Finished with golden edges and a white coloring on the back making the Ayatul Kursi printing pop out visually.

Available for shipping across US & Canada.

Here at Salam Wood Works we take pride in prioritizing the sourcing of our domestic woods from local mills right here in Southest Michigan. Our standard wood species options we offer year round are:

  • Walnut
  • Black Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Hard Maple
  • Pine

Additionally, we have access to some limited quantities of reclaimed Red Oak wood that is over 90 years old! "Old Growth" wood is considered to have been all naturally grown and aged, which make it a much stronger and lasting material.

We offer certain products in the Reclaimed Red Oak, so if you do not see the product you are wanting offered in Reclaimed Red Oak, contact us and we will provide pricing on using this limited material for your order!

Salam Wood Works Custom Wood Options