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Salam Wood Works, LLC

Ramadan Wooden Block Calendar

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Production Lead Time: 3 Business Days

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Salam Wood Works' Ramadan Wooden Block Calendar is made of 100% solid wood. Our unique design features both "Days 'Till" and "Day Of" text which allows you to start counting down the days until Ramadan starts. Then, once Ramadan begins you simply rotate the center block revealing the "Day Of" text, allowing you and your loved ones to begin counting how many of the Blessed month of Ramadan have passed. Don't wait to get this stunning decor piece for your mantle, table, or counter to get into the spirit of Ramadan.

When it’s put together, the calendar block set is 8 inches wide, 4.5 inches high and 3.5 inches deep.

Salam Wood Works Ramadan Wooden Block Calendar Set Includes:
- Three cubes numbered for every day of the month (numbers on all sides of cubes to create every combination between 1 and 31)
- One "day of" / "days till" stacking block
- One "RAMADAN" stacking block

IMPORTANT: We use 100% solid wood in this product (as is the case with many of our products). This means that no two pieces will be exactly alike and the grain and natural colors will vary than those pictured here.

Here at Salam Wood Works we pride ourselves in selecting high quality wood, sourced from our Wood Mill partnerships. However, as is the case in all things natural, sometimes the wood may also have natural imperfections which include, but not limited to knots, dents or minor cracks, discoloration, etc.

There will be NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES allowed for any natural wood imperfections.

Please be sure you have selected your desired finish before adding to your cart.  

Here at Salam Wood Works we take pride in prioritizing the sourcing of our domestic woods from local mills right here in Southest Michigan. Our standard wood species options we offer year round are:

  • Walnut
  • Black Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Hard Maple
  • Pine

Additionally, we have access to some limited quantities of reclaimed Red Oak wood that is over 90 years old! "Old Growth" wood is considered to have been all naturally grown and aged, which make it a much stronger and lasting material.

We offer certain products in the Reclaimed Red Oak, so if you do not see the product you are wanting offered in Reclaimed Red Oak, contact us and we will provide pricing on using this limited material for your order!

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