Olive Wood Slab by Salam Wood Works

Olive Wood | Easily Maintained, Eternally Lasting


Salam Wood Works Limited Release Olive Wood Collection of products are handcrafted from single solid slabs of Olive Wood we have imported from Tunisia, and are very easy to care for. They have a dense grain and can last not only for your lifetime but for generations with the proper care and upkeep.

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Salam Wood Works Limited Release Olive Wood Collection of products, made from diligently selected olive wood, may seem relatively more expensive than other items, but after using our goods you will recognize the reason why they are worth the money you spent. Simply make sure to maintain your pieces and they will generously flourish your kitchen with an authentic flavor, attractive natural color and a luster that is unmatched by any other wood. They will accompany you in every special occasion to indulge and impress your guests and loved ones

Moreover, our authentically natural products are much more resistant to bacteria than even plastic items which make cleaning them easier and less costly. They are designated to make your cooking and serving experience safer, easier and more enjoyable. Briefly, Olive Wood utensils and tableware are an investment that is well worth the money.

Salam Wood Works Limited Release Olive Wood Product Collection

4 simple steps are fairly enough to maximize the pleasure of using your exceptional utensils and preserve the character of the wood as long as possible:

  1. Gently wash utensils after use, using lukewarm water and washing up liquid.
  2. Dry them immediately
  3. For the best possible care, rub them occasionally with Salam Wood Works Board Butter or any food safe mineral oil and wipe it off after a short period of time.
  4. Keep them away from heat

Take little care of your Salam Wood Works Limited Release Olive Wood Collection products and your great grandchildren will thank you one day!

Each one of our creations is carefully turned or carved by hand, relying on our craftsmanship, creativity and good quality of wood. The wood used is carefully chosen from dozens of exotic wood suppliers we chose a few slabs from Tunisia. Based on the qualities of this robust tree, carved by age and loaded with legends, we tried to transfer this glorious and rustic charm to your kitchen through our products, only for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Using real olive wood, grown, processed and hand carved with a labor of love, Olive Wood offers a range of unique and genuine gifts, impeccably original decoration items and exceptionally useful utensils: salad bowls, salad servers, dishes, chopping boards, spatulas, mortars, etc…

Excellence is reached when you care for details and quality. They are principles that cannot be neglect. That’s why we make our Salam Wood Works Limited Release Olive Wood Collection  products with the highest quality available and with focus on details which make them exceptional and practical.

Like all of the products at Salam Wood works, this Limited Release Olive Wood Collection is no exception with these handcrafted with an exceptional attention to every single detail in the pieces.